Adjustable Bypass - Trail OASU926100T-ADJ

Outback Armour suspension kits are designed and engineered in Australia to provide the strength, durability and reliability required for demanding off-road conditions.

Adjustable internal bypass provides 20+ stages of velocity sensitive tuning of damping control. Dial in the front and rear adjustments as and when required to suit the accessories or cargo loads, terrain, conditions and personal comfort preferences.

  • Increase bypass (-) for comfort
  • Decrease bypass (+) for control
  • This rear “trail” kit suits vehicles with light to medium load carrying requirements, offering the maximum recommend lift unladen.

    Kit includes: shock absorbers & coil springs.

    Specifications Details
    Range: Adjustable Bypass
    Shock absorbers: 65mm twin tube
    Lift rear: 50mm (approx unladen)
    Kits Contents
    2 x Adjustable Bypass - Rear Shock
    1 x Rear - Trail
    Price: $870.00
    • 2 x Adjustable Bypass - Rear Shock
    • 1 x Rear - Trail